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Welcome to the Lobby!  

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Do you love the look of clean fresh spacious Hotels?
Do you dream your own home looked like this?
I do too!
Part of being an imaginative person I like to sometimes playact different themes to cleaning and manging my home. After a good three shows in a row of the Suite Life of Zach and Cody, I realized I could Play Hotel too.
I could manage my home as if it were a real hotel.
It's a fun way to get in the mood for cleaning.
Feel like sprucing up the Living Room? Think of it as the Hotel Lobby. Ensure that the seating is nicely arranged with plenty of throw pillows and a cleared off floor. Add some candles on the shelves. Even if no one but your imaginary friends enters your home you should still think of it as the first place a customer (visitor) will see when they enter your house. Most importantly when you come home and see a friendly interior you will feel more homey too.
When family enters treat them like a guest (umm if you keep your pretending to yourself, as I do, then just underplay the role) coming into stay the night. Give each on a secret name in your head. Greet them warmly as you would as the Receptionist. "Hello! Welcome home! How was your day? Glad you could make it!" Switch to Bell Hop mode if they are holding something. "Here allow me to help you with that." Or you can add imaginary guests as need be. Either way it will improve family relationships by having more respect flow between people. The customer is always right don't forget so swallow that sassy retort!
There are sooo many roles you can play with!

As you move through the house pretend you're the Housekeeping! Make the beds just so! Put a flower on the pillows! Envision how a Housekeeper acts (shouldn't be too hard ha ha!) and how they move around the room and what they clean to keep it tidy daily. Also realize the minimal things needed in a house to make it less cluttered. Use this imagery to help you focus on de-cluttering your home!

Hate scrubbing that bathroom? You can think of fun role playing for this. Regular Housekeeping, or for a funny twist if you like adding imaginary characters, you could be half way through the bathroom detail and then pull aside the curtain and reveal the "guest" is still in the shower and have a comedic scene of guest embarrassment and he/she runs off in a towel or perhaps turn it romantic (if these are your kinda thoughts) and join the guest for a little "mental" escapade Ohh la la while cleaning the tub (around your guest). Heh I told you I have active imaginations. ;)
Don't forget to change the folded towels!

Soon with a little (or a lot) of imagination, your home will shine!

Also for setting up a Home Notebook you can create dividers to match the theme of Hotel Personal. One area for Chef's Menus and one for In-House Tailor etc...
Hope these suggestions get the creative juices flowing~!
~My Calm Chaos

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10 brilliant people thought

Woa loved ur style soooooooooo much .... I'm really imaginative toooooo .... hmmmm .... Insha Allah gotta try dat ..... :) .... thnx alot

Welcome! Thanks for being first commenter! insha'Allah it will be fun for you!

Salam alaikum, glad you fixed this. I'm not so good organised person nor creative, i should try this imagination thing,inshallah,maybe it will help. The best thing about hotels is that you don't have to cook or clean , people do that for you:)

LOL yes I wish I had people to clean mine!!! But alas I don't so I make my alter-egos do it.

Good idea Bc,

Now I want to dcorate.....I am trying to make my guest area.......more bright......I am thinking of ideas, wwatching hgtv......any ideas? for me?

write a new post,please,we need ideas

NASI!!! I wanna come over! Did I ever tell you I wanted to be an interior designer? Anything esigner lol i just LOVE designing!

HGTV ARG the one channel I dont get over here and I miss it the most I could watch it all day...

well.. to make brighter use a brighter hued paint but not just blah white, like cream, eggshell, vanilla, or a soft tone of yellow like something I would imagine called Summer Ice Lemon. Then have a medium toned sofa (or if the sofa is not changeable) medium and Bold colored or patterned throw pillows. And of course the lighting. Natural sunlight if possible for day with breezy sheer curtains in a color matching the bold pillows that will accent the soft yellow paint. For lighting at night..hmmm.... wall sconces are awesome esp if you get them in a specialty shape so that the light beams not only up and down but through the sconce... erm also over head lights in slightly frosted glass style with perhaps a splash of bold color (to match the throw pillows and sheer curtains)....
Oh and don't forget that coffee table! Get rid of those dark ones and get a nice (child friendly) oval rounded edged in a light wood OR a color that is two shades lighter than ur sofa. Makes the room look bigger.
Also depending on the color of your flooring you can buy a rug to make it brighter, try for a light patterned or if you wanna have mostly hard flooring you could perhaps get a small throw rug for just under the coffee table in a color close to the shade fo the wall.

LOL I know you're gonna just up and buy me a plane ticket some day to come and live next door to you to have my expertise on hand right!?!?!
Lol hope this helped... if not there is always HGTV.. you know those peopel that get paid for their advice... what do they call them again? Pro--- ah got it Professionals, whatever that means! Pssshhh!

OOps Nasi for some reason I thought u said Living Room...hehehe ahhh u want a guest like bedroom eh? Errr well take the sofa Idea and do the same with bed color. Umm coffee table idea with Not matching sidetables or dressers. And make the bedding as cheerful as possible but if you are going for unisexroom try not to put too much flowery stuff lol. Stick to bold patterns and accent colors that are sexless like blues, reds, yellow and green. Orange also brightens things up but I feel too much orange make a room too loud lol gotta tone it down for sleeping... can get different colored pillow cases instead fo throw pillows. Insha'Allah these ideas helped.

Anon you cheered me to make the latest post lol. I had collected the pictures for it like a week ago but never got to writing it! Hehehe. If there is a demand I will supply so keep letting me knwo that you demand hehehe.

Herm you like the theme thing? I just got another idea from this week's imagining I will write it up soon!

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